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Medo+ is a brand that is growing exponentially around the city and nearby areas

Monthly subscriptions

Keep your premises sanitized

You can opt for the subscription, and consider getting the amazing discounts

Car Sanitization

Taxis and any commercial vehicle needs sterilization we are here to help you at the least possible cost you can get Car and commercial vehicle sanitized at lowest possible rates

Domestic Sanitization

Keeping your house clean as you would do too, but there are many viruses and bacteria that make their way to your life and so we present you ‘Medo sanitization services’. We use non-toxic chemicals and try to ensure that you get the best of services.
Our main priority is to make Ujjain a Smart city and ensure that you get the best of services at lowest possible cost.

Commercial Sanitization


The Commercial spaces like restaurants and shops need to be sanitized at priority to ensure that the spread of any disease doesn’t take place no matter what. To make sure that the Businesses make the most of the opportunity we are offering the services @ just .75p / sq.ft.

To make sure that every shop is sanitized.

Medicine Delivery

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Get your medicines delivered at your doorstep.
Allopatheic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy


" Starting @ just .50p /sq.ft."

We undertake commercial orders for buses, cars and trucks

We only use 'Made in India"

Medo team takes its pride in ensure that we only use the products that are made in India.


The product that we use are completely child safe and non toxic.

Amazing customer service

We are driven to ensure that the customers are always safe and looked.

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